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"You have absolute control over but one thing--your thoughts. This divine prerogative is the sole means by which you may control your destiny. If you fail to control your mind, you will control nothing else. Your mind is your spiritual estate. What you hold in your mind today will shape your experiences of tomorrow." 
                                                     --- Napoleon Hill, "Think And Grow Rich"

 Curtis G. Graham, M.D., FACOG, FACS                                           

Physician, Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer, Copywriter, Business Expert, Mentor, Public Speaker
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“Curriculum Vitae”

Curtis G. Graham, M.D., FACOG, FACS
2404 Mason Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102

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Medical Career Summary:

For over 38 years Dr. Graham practiced medicine, 32 years as a Clinical Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Highly adaptable to the integral functions of private and group oriented practice as they interrelate to hospital based coordination of medical care. A quality driven practitioner dedicated to the provision of healthcare above and beyond average skills and knowledge.  

He remains persistently highly respected and trusted by his peers and other elite members of the healthcare team by demonstrating command of resourcefulness and creativeness for solving problems, while recruiting the highest level of function and cooperation from those working with him. He inspires others by insistence upon a conscientious and caring attitude when treating patients, educating patients, and continues as an active patient advocate.  

Professional Medical Experience: (present to past)

By the use of his personally composed and written medical articles, instructions, and medical information, patients were taught how to access their healthcare in an effective and satisfying manner which was logical, fast, and easy for obtaining top healthcare anywhere, anytime. These medical information materials were always available to his patients throughout his career, for both inpatient and outpatient services.

Medical malpractice case consulting: (defendant and plaintiff) over 35 years.

Hospitalist at Bronson Methodist Hospital: Bronson’s women’s health clinic staff and mentor to 9 Certified Nurse Midwives in Kalamazoo, MI 1994 to 1999.  

Private Solo Medical OBG practice: Walnut Creek and Concord, CA from 1973 to 1994. 

Kaiser Permanente Medical Group: Walnut Creek, CA-- OB-GYN Service – Infertility focus – 1970 to 1973 

Hahnemann University Medical College and Hospital: Philadelphia, PA – OBG Residency Program – Chief Resident 1967-70 

U.S. Navy: 1961 to 1967

  • Ensign 1915 Sr. Program as 4th yr. Medical Student 1961-1962

  • Rotating Internship – US Naval Hospital – Portsmouth, VA -1962-1963

  • Medical Officer – USS Guadalcanal carrier – Phila. PA 1963 for 4 months – 6 months in Naval Medical Clinics.

  • Naval School of Aviation Medicine – 1964 (Mar. to Aug.)

  • Marine Corps Naval Air Station – 1964 (Sept. Oct.)

  • Deployment to S. Vietnam Oct. 1964 with HMM 365 Marine Helicopter Squadron – DaNang – back to USA Oct. 1965

  • Marine Corps Air Station – Lakehurst, NJ 1965 to 1967


  • Medical School: University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA 1958-62 (Renamed-- Perelman School of Medicine)
  • Allegheny College: Meadville, PA – 1954-58 – Cum Laude, B.S. Degree - Major – Premed and Chemistry, Minor – History
  • High School: Rice Ave. Union High School – Girard, PA – 1950-54

Professional Medical Activities: (Retired from medicine 1999) 

Bronson Methodist Hospital: (1994 – 1999)

  • First OBG to be hired for establishment of Women’s Clinic Service at the hospital.
  • Appointment to Assistant Clinical Professor at Michigan State University School of Medicine, Dept. of OBG. Taught medical students at Bronson Hospital.
  • Presented OBG Dept. educational lectures.
  • Clinical practice consultant to nine Certified Nurse Midwives.
  • First physician to establish advanced pelviscopy and laparoscopic surgery at Bronson Hospital – new clinical surgery category.
  • Performed many advanced laparoscopic surgery procedures for the first time at the hospital. No other surgeon trained for this.
  • Personal doctor to many of the clinical staff.
  • First OBG to help setup a satellite OBG Clinic at hospital in PAW-PAW, MI.
  • Member of the Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine and Michigan State Medical Society – served as alternate to annual state meetings.

Private Medical Practice Activities: (1973 – 1994)

  • Member of an affiliated “call” group of six Board Certified OB-GYN Specialists for 15 years.
  • Practice focused on infertility, microsurgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery and LAVH, tuboplasty, In Vitro Fertilization. Training for IVF at Jones Program in VA. Training for Pelviscopy at Curt Semm Program (first one given in USA in LA). Ultrasound training (first given from Stanford Univ. group). Self-taught microsurgery tuboplasty prior to creation of ACOG training program in 1975.
  • Wrote and published book on Infertility for my patients as well as numerous medical articles, handouts, and materials for patient education.
  • An associate OBG and I established the first full laparoscopic surgery service at Mt. Diablo Hospital Medical Center, Concord, CA. Later mentored and trained many other local surgeons in laparoscopic surgery at two local hospitals.
  • Served on multiple hospital committees while on staff at 5 different local hospitals. Served as Chief of OBG Dept. on rotation.
  • Member of the Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Society in northern CA and served on the Arbitration committee of the society.
  • Presented multiple medical lectures to hospital OBG departments, Medical Assistants organizations, and Community College Education for Medical Assistants.
  • Physician Advisor to Mt. Diablo Chapter of Certified Medical Assistants and the California State Medical Assistants Assoc.
  • Board Member of the local Adult Education Programs at local Community College.
  • Maintained full unrestricted OBG hospital privileges to 6 local hospitals and 3 outpatient surgery centers.
  • Privileged to work with several medical malpractice attorneys as a consultant on their malpractice litigation, plaintiff and defense cases, over 15 years.
  • Consultant to the International Correspondence Society in OBG.
  • Interactive consultant to Cooper Medical Instrument group concerning design and creation of better microsurgery surgical instruments.
  • First OBG surgeon to perform laparoscopic appendectomy, outpatient laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, among other procedures in northern California.
  • After 30 years in medical practice, passed the SPEX exam 1992 on first try for state medical licensure outside California.
  • Member of CAP-MPT board of directors, a malpractice insurance provider for physicians in California and served as Editor of their risk management publication.

Specialty Training OBG: (1967-70)

Obstetrics and Gynecology residency training completed at Hahnemann University Hospital and Medical School in Philadelphia, PA. George Lewis, MD, FACOG, became Chief of OBG at Hahnemann and recruited me into his training program after my leaving the Navy. Appointed as Chief Resident my last year of residency training.

Subspecialty Advanced Training:

  • Microsurgery/Tuboplasty – reanastamosis tuboplasty

  • In Vitro Fertilization

  • Pelviscopy, advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, LAVH

  • OBG ultrasound

  • Hypnosis for OBG practice

  • Advanced fetal monitoring

  • Lasers, multi-type, for OBG

  • Hysteroscopy

Medical Licensure:

During the 37 years I practiced, I held unrestricted state medical licensure in 8 states. Although I never practiced medicine in 5 of those states, those medical licenses were left to expire, voluntarily given up, or left for further compliance requirements required to practice there in the future should I move to there.

My practice activity was provided only in Pennsylvania, California, and Michigan.  

Professional Medical Organizations: (Member of at one time or another and at various lengths of time.)

·         Life Fellow American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

·         Fellow of American College of Surgeons

·         Diplomat of American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

·         Recertified to ABOG 1979

·         American Fertility Society

·         American Society of Laparo-endoscopic Surgeons

·         American Assoc. of Gynecologic Laparoscopists

·         American Medical Assoc.

·         California Medical Assoc.

·         Michigan State Medical Society

·         Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine

·         Alameda-Contra Costa County Medical Assoc.

·         Philadelphia County Medical Assoc.

·         Alameda Gyn Society

·         Northern California Assoc. of Obstetrics-Gynecology

·         Tori Medical Society—Okinawa

·         American Academy of General Physicians

·         Additional few I can’t remember

  • Non-Medical Practice Associated Activities:

  • Cooperative of American Physicians-Mutual Protection Trust, Board of Directors
    --Member of Trust Legislation Committee        
    --Member of Education Committee       
    --Editor of Capsules, risk prevention publication

  • Board of Directors—California State Medical Assistants Association

  • Board of Directors—Mt. Diablo School District Adult Education

  • Physician advisor to Mt. Diablo Medical Assistants chapter and to the California State Medical Assistants Assoc.

  • Trained and worked as a male nurse while working my way through medical school.

  • During medical school, did 2 years of Cancer Research with Dr. Peter Nowell, Univ. of Penn. School of Medicine. Later he discovered the genetic inheritance relationship to Leukemia.

  • During medical school, served preceptorships with Dr. George Lewis, recognized gyn cancer expert at Univ. of Penn. School of Medicine, which included cancer research.

Publications and Media:

  • Designated platinum expert author- directory online.

  • Author of book on Infertility-- 1975.

  • Author of over a hundred medical articles published online.

  • Author of eBooks: (After 2001)           
    --Hushed-Up Weight Loss Secrets
    --Healthcare Secrets Revealed-Finally          
    --How to Rapidly Propel Your Medical Practice
       Income to Unlimited Levels In 6 Months.   
    --The Business of Medical Practice

  • Article published in Modern Physician, “5 Good Reasons Not to Retire” – 2002 March

  • Article published in Medical Economics--2012

Social Interactions:

  • Member Masonic Blue Lodge, Portsmouth, VA
  • Member Scottish Rite, Norfolk, VA
  • Member Shrine, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Member Phi Delta Theta Fraternity (college)
  • Licensed private pilot
  • Credentialed race car driver (Bob Bondurant Course)
  • Eagle Scout—Order of the Arrow (1950s)
  • Social Networks—Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook + others
  • Interests: writing, reading, skiing, flying, traveling, teaching, mentoring, entrepreneurship businesses.

Awards and Recognition:

·         Combat Vietnam: Bronze Star with “V”, four air medals, expert pistol, Vietnam service, Navy unit citation, national defense ribbon.

·         College:           
---AF-ROTC Outstanding Sophomore Cadet
        ---Cum Laude scholarship
        ---Officer in Phi Delta Theta fraternity
        ---Football team as Freshman

·         High School: lettered in football and basketball, graduation science award, class officer

·         Other:
     ---Cambridge Who’s Who professional and entrepreneurial registry
--Who’s Who in the West USA
     ---America’s Top Surgeons, Consumer Research
         Council of America--2008

           Second Career CV:
(2000 to present)

“Information Marketing”

Summary: Intensive entrepreneurial drive to impact the world of medicine in areas that have been neglected both academically and personally by medical schools and physicians themselves. The two highly significant areas that are now contributing to the loss of doctors, downgrading of the profession, and are likely to continue to push our profession into socialized medicine under governmental
control are:

  1. No business knowledge: Physicians and other doctors have never been taught business principles nor how to implement proven business systems into their medical practice businesses.
  2. No marketing knowledge: Physicians have no education concerning the value of marketing to medical practice or any business nor any knowledge about how to learn and implement marketing strategies into their medical businesses.

Education in business and marketing:

  1. Continuous self-education in business and marketing since 2002.
  2. Business and marketing seminars, teleseminars, and live seminars.
  3. Mentoring, advice, and support by business and marketing experts.
  4. Marketing and business newsletters published by these experts.
  5. Resources made available by experts from books, CDs, video, podcasting, email, and other teaching parameters like masterminding.

Technology Education Support:

    1. Computer and Internet expertise
    2. Copywriting training
    3. Blog education and use
    4. Website mastering
    5. Optimization for search engines
    6. Keyword expertise
    7. Marketing tactics and strategies
    8. Business systems
    9. Graphics and design use
    10. Generation of list building, ideas, and goals
    11. Time management
    12. Selecting targets

·         Medical Websites Online: (most important ones)

·         Commercial Websites Online:

My business functions and productivity:

  1. Provide business and marketing information to learn from.
  2. Inspire older doctors to take action and implement what I teach.
  3. Teach the profound importance of learning and using marketing strategies.
  4. Teach the essential elements of how to run a business properly, efficiently.
  5. Persuade doctors to learn and use business systems.
  6. Explain how to manage a medical office efficiently.
  7. Offer resources, recommendations, and steps to follow for business success.
  8. Create books and newsletters that tell how to improve practice income.
  9. Give seminars that promote medical practice business.
  10. Open doctor’s minds to what they can accomplish outside their comfort zone.

Educational options for all healthcare providers:

  • Advanced Medical Practice Business and Marketing Newsletter: A free monthly email publication. For those doctors who haven’t started these
    important things yet.

  • VIP Medical Practice Business and Marketing Newsletter:A free monthly email newsletter sent via email. For those doctors who are already well informed on business and marketing efforts.

  • E-Book— “How to Rapidly Propel Your Medical Practice Income to Unlimited Levels In 6 Months” available at:

  • E-Book— “The Business of Medical Practice” available at:

References available upon request at:

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